mercredi 8 janvier 2014

"Le Piano" irresitible Alice Guy Be Natural Alice Guy ©riginal story by Alice Guy J©1992

Que bueno.
-is this film contain its original sound or what ?
-This is just wonderful! The music fits perfectly!!! Kudo to whoever picked this music. I love Alice Guy's movies.
Never thought I'd see people from 1907 dancing like that, funny stuff!
-What was the date when this was released?
-I'have same opinion about music. Good choice,
-Amazing dance moves for early twentieth century. I am normally leery of modern soundtracks for archaic film but this works perfectly. Wonder what the original score for theaters was.
-shouldnt have added audio, you shouldve kept original, the song is a good song in itself, but ridicules this piece of cinematography history.
-About as poor a choice of music as is possible.
-I'have same opinion about music. Good choise,
-1906, Alice Guy Gaumont Production. Preserved in the "Archives National du Film", Paris
-I think it's ruddy brilliant
bonne année, bisous
-@latinbeatz The music doesn't "ridicule" the film at all; I think it's an inspired choice for accompaniment, especially when you see everybody dancing in the room near the end (that policeman does a mean pogo!). it's a fun film, which deserves some fun music, and it's nicely synched to the film, too. Lighten up!
-Fun blending. I wonder what their real rection would be if they could listen to the anachronistic song of Ray
-so fantastic coregraphy and scenogragy , ..indeed I must say

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